Hey. Let’s Talk About RefME for Once.

A quick note from our CEO, Tom Hatton:


I rarely blog and tweet about RefME, as I know RefME has a lot to learn and achieve still before we start preaching, but I think it is time to have a quick look back on what has certainly been a great year.

Well, a little like my unexercised waistline, we’ve been growing. We’ve added just under 1 million users since September last year, and it would be fair to say the U.K. and U.S. undergraduate market have never had it so good. Furthermore, for every one user who downloads or signs up to RefME.com, another 1.8 users also joins. Whilst completing our new funding round, it was also pretty cool to discover we’ve grown faster than both Twitter and Pinterest did in their first year, and long may that trend continue (yeah right!).

Some cool facts:

  • 5,000 new users on a bad day
  • 30,000+ on a good day (a couple a month)
  • 1.5m references in the last month
  • 1 in 5 students in the U.K. uses RefME
  • Used in 195 countries
  • BBC News is our most cited website

We’ve built an amazing team with people from all around the world who see that the tool we are building is solving something other people really need and care about, globally. The fact that we are also learning what and where everyone finds information is the icing on the cake for the data nuts.

It has also been a great time as a young startup and founder. We’ve been recognised by some pretty big press and awards with: some pretty big press and awards with:

It feels like a great time to reflect on RefME as with all start ups (and downs), you hit milestones that take the business to the next level. The fact that we have survived a year is that milestone, and looking forward, is what excites me. We are working endlessly on our user engagement, improving our sign ups to export completion and I cannot wait to start rolling out some of the features we’ve been testing and working on. #ContentIsKing, Right?

It is going to be an exciting couple of years for RefME as we build the tool and our users start staying for the network (http://cdixon.org/2015/01/31/come-for-the-tool-stay-for-the-network/). But, in the short term what we are laser focused on right now, is building a tool that students all around the world can use to reference information.

Until then, onward!