Meet the New and Improved

RefME New Mobile Friendly Interface
RefME’s new layout makes it even easier to generate references and keep track of your projects anywhere, on any device.


The summer holidays have come and gone, days are getting shorter and it’s officially back-to-school time. We haven’t been idle these past few months though. In fact, the team here at RefME has just finished a major spruce-up of your favourite citation tool. Here’s what’s new:

  • Mobile-friendly layout that makes even easier to use on your tablet and smartphone
  • Intuitive and simpler flow for creating references from any source
  • Speedier and more powerful web platform, ready to handle all our upcoming new features


New flow makes it easier to create reference on RefME
Creating references from any source is easy and simple with RefME’s new layout


All these improvements are a direct result of user feedback. You told us what worked (and what didn’t work so well) and we took all this into account in designing the new features and product flow for the platform.

In August we launched a Beta Program page on Facebook as part of this listening project, and we invited around 200 users to join it. That gave us a chance to test and gather feedback on new features before rolling them out to the rest of our userbase.

The idea was to get a real sense of how new features and product changes work in practice, helping us to refine and improve them before they go public. Initially the focus was on improving the web platform, but we’re also looking to expand the group and get feedback on upcoming features such as the Microsoft Word plugin.

The new look web platform is now live, just as those first assignment deadlines start to loom. It’s designed to make it even easier for you to find, cite, share and organise all your sources – from books and journals in the library to web pages, videos, songs and anything in between. For a quick walkthrough of what it looks like, take a look at this video or go to the RefME support page:

Happy referencing!


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