RefME at The Next Web in New York City!

The Next Web Vote RefME

Update: We made it! Huge thanks to everyone who voted for RefME and got us selected to pitch on stage in New York. See you on November 18th!

In September, RefME was selected as one of 100 high-growth startups to be featured at The Next Web Boost Program. Out of more than 600 companies we were also chosen to feature as one of their top 10 startups in the UK to know about.

This is all thanks to our users of course, over a million people joining the growing RefME community in our first year. Now we have a chance to also be one of the companies presenting at the big stage in this world-renowned competition, and for that we’d love your help.

All you need to do is click here and vote for RefME using Facebook, Twitter or email. It really takes no time at all. You could almost say it’s as easy as using RefME, but we won’t go QUITE that far.

Voting ends on Friday October 23rd at 17:00 CET, so get your skates on if you please!

The Next Web Boost Official Selection 2015


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