Importing References Directly to RefME

Our users have been requesting this feature for a while, so we’re excited to announce that you can now import .Ris files directly to your RefME projects!

Watch this video to learn how!

This means that if you have citations already saved to other reference manager programs – like for example Mendeley, EndNote or RefWorks – It is now easy to transfer them over to RefME, (up to 100 for the time being).

To do that you simply need to:

1 – Go to your existing reference manager

2 – Choose the option to export your references as a .Ris file

3 – Open RefME desktop on your browser


 4 – Click on the Import button on the top menu


5 – Select and open the .Ris file you just saved


6 – Your references should now appear in the selected RefME project


7 – Easy as that!

This also allows you to easily save batches of reference from library catalogues and content sites such as Google Scholar, ScienceDirect and PubMed. Just save your references in .Ris format and then import them to RefME following steps 3-6 above.

At RefME we believe that you should not be tied into any one tool, so we’ll continue to work on integration features that allow you to transfer your work to and from other platforms and services so that you always have the choice of the best tool that’s right for you.

We hope that by making it easier and more accurate to cite any source on RefME, the tool you choose is ours!  As always we really appreciate your feedback on how we’re doing. Leave a comment below or tweet us @GetRefME