Introducing RefME Institute, RefME Plus and the future

When I started RefME I never thought that two years later I’d be sat here writing a blog to our millions of users, with a team in the US and nearly 50 employees about to announce two amazing new products.

I started RefME as I really (no…really!) struggled with citations. In fact, I spent more time formatting citations than I did writing my papers. That’s why RefME’s goal is (and always will be) to accurately automate citations and provide a free tool for students all around the world to cite and focus on their research.

Today though, I am so excited to announce RefME Institute and RefME Plus, a premium service for schools, colleges and universities as well as for students.

Let’s start with RefME Institute (find out more here). We learnt very quickly that institutes really aren’t happy with the reference management tools out there. The tools tend to have a huge learning curve, aren’t able to accurately automate a citation and, their support tends to be non-existent. We know this as over the last year we’ve been working alongside 30 institutes and built a tool that serves the wider student needs whilst providing a solution that institutes can support and be supported by. So, that’s why we developed RefME Institute, for the university community.

Part of the RefME Institute product includes a roll out of RefME Plus (find out more here), the start of our premium offering that students can also upgrade to individually.  

The new premium features include:

  • RefME for Word: Cite as you write and manage your bibliography from within Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows and Mac or, Word for iPad
  • Photo Quotes: using OCR technology, turn printed text into digital text with your smartphone camera and save as a quote.
  • Folders: Rearrange your projects or drag-and-drop them into folders to keep you and your citations organised.
  • Plus… A lot more coming soon which I cannot wait to share with you

Introducing RefME Institute, RefME Plus and the future

RefME Plus has also come from working with and listening to students and librarians from all around the world. We’ve created a tool that will be a huge support throughout the research and writing process and RefME for Word is another example that helps show what we are trying to do by innovating in this space.

Student users will notice the availability of these premium features as of today and, will be able to upgrade through individual subscriptions on the web platform and via our IOS and Android apps for £24.99, €32.99 and $32.99 USD per year.

It was important to us not to take any features away from our current users, we have adopted a fee model for those who want additional services outside of just creating and exporting citations. For our users who have been with us from the start, you will see a 50% discount off the price until 5 July 2016 – it’s just our way of saying thanks for being part of the ref-olution!

All details on how to sign up are available on our website: RefME Plus and RefME Institute.  

So there you go. That’s what we’ve been doing. Do get in touch with me at if you want to chat about this and all things RefME, and check out how to use RefME for Word in the video below, otherwise thank you for reading and happy referencing : )

How to Use RefME for Word from RefME on Vimeo.