RefME and the Rails Girls Summer of Code

RGSoC-Logo_red-background (1)

I’m so excited to share that RefME has sponsored this year’s Rails Girls Summer of Code, a scholarship program that gives the opportunity for women to work on open source projects.

Now in its fourth year, the RGSoC is a unique cause with the mission to diversify tech. In 2015, the summer camp saw over 100 students contribute to 39 different open source projects, worldwide. Given we use many high-quality open-source projects in our tools, I’m really proud to support Rails Girls Summer of Code – and it’s awesome to see RefME featured among some amazing companies within the community who also support this initiative.

So, why did RefME choose to sponsor the RGSoC? Their mission statement (included below) truly resonated with me and I knew we ought to be a part of the community supporting the 2016 camp:

Together we are creating an environment where women feel more welcome. We are training more developers and helping them jumpstart their career. We are making Open Source a better place for everyone. We are creating the role models of the future. We are redefining the Tech community. We are helping to make our communities more inclusive and empower individuals to contribute to Open Source with their amazing potential. We are making
more diverse!”

Not only is it important to support open-source projects, it is also important to support career opportunities within tech. Having a diverse team is crucial as it brings so much more to the team’s thinking and approach to work, which is why supporting programmes like Rails Girls Summer of Code is a great honour.

I am really looking forward to seeing the impact our contribution makes and the successful projects that come out of the programme as  I know the camp continues to paves many opportunities within the tech industry for those involved.

So, thanks for letting RefME be a part of this unique venture and support your mission towards diversifying tech!