RefME is delighted to announce Edge Hill University, Sheffield Hallam University and University for the Creative Arts as first RefME Institute partners

Dedicated to improving the student learning experience, three prominent UK-based higher education institutions have signed up to RefME Institute. Launched in May, the premium institutional edition of the research and referencing tool is now available to whole university communities and gaining fast adoption. Edge Hill University was the first institution to partner with RefME, and shortly after Sheffield Hallam University and University for the Creative Arts followed. RefME is looking forward to long term relationships with each of the three universities, who will provide ongoing feedback on RefME Institute, suggesting future developments and improvements in line with student needs and institutional data requirements.

The partnerships reinforce RefME’s drive to improve the student research experience and solve the pain of citations by providing a campus-wide research and referencing service fit for the whole university. The tool will be available to all students at each institution at the start of the 2016 academic year. With access to all the enhanced features of RefME Plus as part of their institutional license, students will be able to cite as they write using RefME for Word, organise their work with projects and Folders, and convert printed text into digital with their smartphone camera.   

At the first institution worldwide to subscribe to RefME Institute – Edge Hill University –  Alison Mackenzie, Dean of Learning Services said, “We are anticipating the service will provide us with rich data about the reading habits of our students. Analytics of student use of content, as evidenced through their reading lists, will provide us with profile data that can act as a guide not only to future purchasing decisions but ensure that our collections remain relevant and we are genuinely meeting the needs of our students and increasing satisfaction with our services.”

Tom Hatton, CEO of RefME shared his thoughts stating, “RefME Institute is an enhanced, modernized referencing service that supports the needs of the whole university community. We are thrilled to have three respected institutions using RefME Institute so soon after the launch and we look forward to seeing how these partnerships enable us to achieve a positive student research experience.”

A cloud-based solution, RefME Institute integrates easily with other institutional platforms and is accessible via single sign-on authentication, empowering entire university communities to improve the student learning experience.

Claire Ridall, Head of Library and Student Support Management Services at Sheffield Hallam University remarked on the recent partnership, stating: “RefME’s simplicity and intuitive citation capability already receives positive reviews from students, and I’m confident that the passion behind the creation of its advanced features will have a significant impact on the student experience […].

Jan Conway, Director of Library & Student Services at the University for the Creative Arts said, “The University for the Creative Arts is pleased to announce that it will be working with RefME, as the university’s new referencing software supplier […].”  The University for the Creative Arts, offering hundreds of courses for every kind of creative specialism, is one of the early adopters of RefME Institute who will be rolling out the platform for all its students in September 2016.

“The decision to move to RefME has been based on the informal work previously undertaken with the supplier on beta development projects and our knowledge and experience of the free RefME app.  The University is genuinely excited about the development of our integrated working relationship and keen to see how RefME’s reputation for innovative problem solving, in this important area of the student experience, can deliver enhanced service provision for our diverse range of students and staff,” said Jan Conway.

Stay tuned for further announcements that are set to be made regarding over a dozen additional UK institutions that are close to finalising partnerships with RefME Institute.

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