Institutes committed to improving the student learning experience turn to RefME to aid them in this goal


In a recent study conducted in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Greenwich, it was shown that RefME Institute can improve the student learning experience. The study demonstrated that students using RefME saved significant amounts of time when referencing, and made their formatting 34.5% more accurate.

Since launching RefME Institute in May, 21 institutes from around the globe, committed to improving their student learning experience, have subscribed to RefME Institute in order to afford their students the best and most appropriate solution to aid them in their research and writing workflows.

Of these newly subscribing institutes, there have been 11 UK universities that have seen the value RefME Institute can offer their students, the most recent of which include Birmingham City University, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Southampton. With more than half a dozen other UK universities currently in their final deliberations for adding RefME Institute in time for the new academic year, there are no signs of adoption slowing down.

RefME scored 85 out of 100 on the system usability scale, indicating that the service falls within the top 10% in terms of usability. It’s this ease of use and low learning curve that engaged Fiona Harvey, Education Development Manager and President of ALT-C, when she commented,

At the University of Southampton our iChamps have been using RefME and really like that it has been so easy to use. It always amuses me to show the app to the new students I work with because they always say that it is “so cool!” I love using it, so very easy, almost effortless and really pleased that I can share it with the networks I am involved in.”

Likewise, Claire Ridall, Head of Library and Student Support Management Services at Sheffield Hallam University, remarked on the recent partnership, stating:

RefME’s simplicity and intuitive citation capability already receives positive reviews from students, and I’m confident that the passion behind the creation of its advanced features will have a significant impact on the student experience […].

RefME has not only been well received by universities in the UK. Thanks to word of mouth from Kendra Perkins, Coordinator for the Shanghai Librarian Network, International Schools teaching the International Baccalaureate across South East Asia and Europe have also recognised that RefME Institute is well placed to aid their students whilst preparing them for higher education.

These early partnerships reinforce RefME’s commitment to improving the student research experience and solving the pain of citations by providing a referencing service fit for the whole university. The tool will be available to all students at each institution at the start of the 2016 academic year. With access to all the enhanced features of RefME Plus as part of their institutional license, students will be able to cite as they write using RefME for Word, organise their work with projects and Folders, and convert printed text into digital with their smartphone camera.

Stay tuned for further announcements as we finalise further partnerships with RefME Institute.
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