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    The Work of the Historian


    Historians study the past by interpreting evidence. The historian works by examining primary sources -- texts, artifacts, and other materials from the time period. From comparing these sources and evaluating them in context, the historian develops interpretations, often in light of the interpretations of other historians. The interpretative writings of historians --books, journal articles, encyclopedia entries -- are considered secondary sources.

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    Sage, H. J.

    The Cold War Era, 1945-1990

    2018 - Sage American History

    The Cold War Era was characterized by one factor: the “balance of terror,” or nuclear standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union. Under that shadow of the potential nuclear holocaust, the NATO and Warsaw Pact (or Eastern Bloc) nations twisted and turned to advance their goals while avoiding the spark the might instigate a war of surpassing destruction.

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    A historian has the fascinating job of studying and interpreting the past. When people need detailed, nuanced information about the past, they go to historians to get the facts.

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