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    Foale & Tuffin- Suit Skirt (Back)

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    Your Bibliography: Foale & Tuffin- Suit Skirt (Back). (n.d.). [image] Available at: http://INTRODUCTION The outfit chosen for the research is back and white optical check skirt and white optical check Skirt and Jacket by Marion Foale & Sally Tuffin in 1964. This outfit is chosen from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London which is world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects. It was founded in 1852 and named after Queen Victoria and Price Albert. Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin became friends while studying at Walthamstow school of art. They both went in to attend the Fashion School at London’s Royal College of Art where they graduated in 1961. By the following year they had launched their own label and had premises on Carbnaby Street where they fought to keep up- with the increasing demand for their designs. They created youthful ready to wear cloth, mainly sold via the London store Woollands. 1960s fashion charts the irreverent designs and innovative designs that define a decade from the iconic mini skirts to the disposable dress,’ peacock’ styles for men and the youth fashion revolution .This particular outfit was an icon as this was a trend changing time when mini skirts were introduced. This suit was designed for the youth basically and the idea of making this costume was that the child should not dress up like their parents there should be something new. They designed fun, sexy cloths for a generation of women who couldn’t imagine wearing their mothers’ sedate dress suits. as Tuffin said that their cloths were for the girls who needed to express themselves. those were young, busy, trendy, wanting to do their own things and kick down the barriers of so many years. those girls wanted to hick up their skirts- literally - and get rid of their suspenders. Always keen to innovate, Foale and Tuffin pioneered designes such as trouser suits for women years before YSL wearing the ‘boyfriend look’ - they loved raising their partners wardrobe for inspiration cut out lace dresses, print clash looks such as pairing a striped jacket with a spot print skirt, frill details and opt art prints. With this idea Marion Foale & Sally Tuffin were featured in ‘ Young Ideas’ section in British Vouge along with many young designers in 1962 . They became to be know for their Tailoring, creating long lean suits and courts. This suit was worn by Marit Allen, leading British fashion journalist who started her career with Queen magazine and then worked for Vogue. THE OUTFIT It is double-breasted, long line tailored jacket with a short skirt. The collar of the jacket is rolled with wide lapels. The whole skirt suit is constructed from medium black and white optical check wool, but the skirt has a massive scale of a black and white check. There is a cut on the cross of the skirt so that check appears in diamond shapes. Both jacket and skirt are unlined. It was originally sold for 16 guineas by The '21 Shop', an influential boutique housed in the Woodland's department. (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2017) THE DESIGNER Foale and Tuffin Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin were known to be the true epitome of the sixties.Julie Christie and Cilla Black, Foale and Tuffin were once named as “the queens of Carnaby Street” by Zandra Rhodes. They started working together in 1961 till 1972 and were famous for their lively, graphical and very wearable garments, designed for active young women to wear in a wide range of events. They were among the first designers to frequently create tailored trouser-suits for women. (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2017) Later Sally and Marion did a diploma course in fashion design from Royal College of Art. After their graduation, they did not join another established brand and set up their own business in 1961 instead. Under the label 'Foale and Tuffin' they designed amusing and sexy clothes for a generation of women who wanted to look different, unlike their mothers.They opened up a design studio at Gloucester Road before they moved to a small house and shop front in Carnaby Street in 1965, set up with two sewing machines and a steam iron. Their entire collections were handmade, selling not only in their boutique but also to other outlets such as New York’s Paraphernalia boutique. Tuffin says,“Our clothes were for girls who needed to express themselves.” She continues, “They were young, busy, trendy, wanting to do their own thing and kick down the barriers of so many years. These girls wanted to hoick up their skirts – literally – and get rid of their suspenders.” Keenly innovative, Foale and Tuffin discovered designs such as trouser suits for women years before YSL, wearing the ‘boyfriend look’. Their clothing range was still active in the early Seventies, but by then both got married and had children. They began exploring other creative outlets, but they ended their partnership in 1973. Sally Tuffin is now a ceramicist whereas Marion Foale is a knitwear designer. (The Fashion Book) WHO WORE THIS? Marit Allen wore this bold black and white optical-check suit skirt designed by Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin in 1964. She was born in Cheshire on September 17, 1941, and was the elder of the two daughters of Roger Allen. She was sent to boarding school at the age of 9 and then attended the University of Grenoble in France, but returned to London in 1960. Marit Allen became a leading British fashion journalist started her career from Queen magazine in 1961. There she got an assistant’s job and within two years began writing the “About Twenty” pages, covering the styles of young people in the ’60s under the editorship of Beatrix Miller and the ownership of Jocelyn Stevens.(Telegraph) In 1964 she joined Vogue and stayed for ten years.She promoted many young and innovative designers and models such as Foale & Tuffin, Zandra Rhodes, Mary Quant, John Bates, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton through her initiative of writing and editing the "Young Idea" pages which seemed to be hugely influential. In her later years of career, she entered the film industry as a costume designer. According to Nicholas Roeg, “She made costumes that brought the characters to life. ”She designed costumes for more than 40 films and enjoyed over 25 years of successful career as a fashion journalist.( Queens of vintage) THE PROMOTION Marit Allen promoted this Foale and Tuffin's suit skirt, which was mentioned and photographed for her 'Young idea' pages in Vogue magazine which was published on 1st September 1964.In these pages, she showcased young design talent and innovative photography. She was often photographed for her own stories.These pages were written and captioned by the great influence on 60s fashion. (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2017) RELATIONSHIP WITH CURRENT FASHION Since 1960's, the skirt suit has been on trend with significant influence on today's fashion but with few changes in it like pronounced shoulders, double-breasted cuts and elegantly pressed slacks mark out the new, everyday uniform nipped in slim lines are ousting the voluminous suiting of summer. (Vogue,2017) . Along with this, check print has also been very popular but in different forms and shapes.   THE CONCLUSION Through this whole research, it has been concluded that 1960s fashion charts the irreverent designs and innovative designs that define a decade from the iconic mini skirts to the disposable dress,’ peacock’ styles for men and the youth fashion revolution. And one of the legend of this decade were Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin who had a great role in changing the tread they introduce tendy and bold designs they used bold colours and min skirts and courts . The advanced mind set and creativity of the two inspire the new designers a lot that is why their designs are still kept as an inspiration in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. This design is special as it is the trend changing icon and secondly it is worn by the Marit Allen who was a fashion journalist and also done modelling for many bands [Accessed 19 Dec. 2017].

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    Skirt suit, Foale & Tuffin, 1964

    In-text: (Skirt suit, Foale & Tuffin, 1964, n.d.)

    Your Bibliography: Skirt suit, Foale & Tuffin, 1964. (n.d.). [image] Available at: [Accessed 22 Dec. 2017].

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