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  • Book

    Ackelsberg, M. A.

    Free Women of Spain

    1991 - Indiana University Press - Bloomington

    In-text: (Ackelsberg, 1991)

    Your Bibliography: Ackelsberg, M., 1991. Free Women Of Spain. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, pp.24, 174ff.

  • Book

    Bianchi, V.

    Feministinnen in der Revolution

    2003 - Unrast - Münster

    In-text: (Bianchi, 2003)

    Your Bibliography: Bianchi, V., 2003. Feministinnen In Der Revolution. Münster: Unrast, pp.24, 65, 72-95.

  • Book

    Blinkhorn, M.

    Democracy and Civil War in Spain 1931-1939

    1988 - Routledge - London

    In-text: (Blinkhorn, 1988)

    Your Bibliography: Blinkhorn, M., 1988. Democracy And Civil War In Spain 1931-1939. London: Routledge, p.3.

  • Book

    Bunk, B. D.

    Ghosts of passion

    2007 - Duke University Press - Durham and London

    In-text: (Bunk, 2007)

    Your Bibliography: Bunk, B., 2007. Ghosts Of Passion. Durham and London: Duke University Press.

  • Book

    Guérin, D.


    1967 - Suhrkamp - (Frankfurt a.M.)

    In-text: (Guérin, 1967)

    Your Bibliography: Guérin, D., 1967. Anarchismus. (Frankfurt a.M.): Suhrkamp, p.12.

  • Book

    Hooper, J.

    The new Spaniards

    2006 - Penguin Books - London

    In-text: (Hooper, 2006)

    Your Bibliography: Hooper, J., 2006. The New Spaniards. 2nd ed. London: Penguin Books, p.131.

  • Book

    Mangini, S.

    Memories of Resistance: Women Activists from the Spanish Civil War

    1991 - Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society 17

    In-text: (Mangini, 1991)

    Your Bibliography: Mangini, S., 1991. Memories Of Resistance: Women Activists From The Spanish Civil War. Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society 17, p.171.

  • Book

    Nash, M.

    'Milicianas' and homefront heroines: Images of Women in Revolutionary Spain

    1990 - Pergamon Press

    In-text: (Nash, 1990)

    Your Bibliography: Nash, M., 1990. 'Milicianas' And Homefront Heroines: Images Of Women In Revolutionary Spain. Pergamon Press, pp.235-242.

  • Book

    Nash, M.

    Defying male civilization

    1995 - Arden Press - Denver, Colo.

    In-text: (Nash, 1995)

    Your Bibliography: Nash, M., 1995. Defying Male Civilization. Denver, Colo.: Arden Press, pp.66, 84.

  • Book

    Nash, M.

    Rojas. Las mujeres republicans en la Guerra Civil

    1999 - Taurus - [Madrid?]

    In-text: (Nash, 1999)

    Your Bibliography: Nash, M., 1999. Rojas. Las Mujeres Republicans En La Guerra Civil. [Madrid?]: Taurus, pp.68-91.

  • Website

    feminism: definition of feminism in Oxford dictionary (British & World English)


    The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

    In-text: (feminism: definition of feminism in Oxford dictionary (British & World English), 2015)

    Your Bibliography: 2015. Feminism: Definition Of Feminism In Oxford Dictionary (British & World English). [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 8 January 2015].

  • Book

    Preston, P.

    A concise history of the Spanish Civil War

    1996 - Fontana Press - London

    In-text: (Preston, 1996)

    Your Bibliography: Preston, P., 1996. A Concise History Of The Spanish Civil War. London: Fontana Press, p.24.

  • Book

    Preston, P.

    Comrades! Portraits from Spain

    1999 - HarperCollins - London

    In-text: (Preston, 1999)

    Your Bibliography: Preston, P., 1999. Comrades! Portraits From Spain. London: HarperCollins, p.Chapter 4.

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