Guide: How to cite a Presentation or lecture in Global Change Biology style

Guide: How to cite a Presentation or lecture in Global Change Biology style

Cite A Presentation or lecture in Global Change Biology style

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Use the following template to cite a presentation or lecture using the Global Change Biology citation style. For help with other source types, like books, PDFs, or websites, check out our other guides. To have your reference list or bibliography automatically made for you, try our free citation generator.


Pink text = information that you will need to find from the source.
Black text = text required by the Global Change Biology style.

Reference list

Place this part in your bibliography or reference list at the end of your assignment.


Author Surname Author Initial (Year Published) Title.

Example: (2015) Clover - The Clover Story Began 116 Years Ago - Clover.

In-text citation

Place this part right after the quote or reference to the source in your assignment.


(Author Surname, Year Published)


Step one- Plan the Procurement Based On an Identified Need 
The Procurement Planner’s working at Clover need to determine the objectives for the procurement. For example, if there is a shortage of ingredients that is required to make the milk then the need is to acquire the shortage of ingredients. Clover’s Procurement planner’s detail a clear scope of what is required. In this case it is the shortage of ingredients and exactly how much is required of each ingredient. The Procurement Planner’s must seek specialist advice where appropriate. They must research the market to understand capabilities and restraints. For example, a restraint could be how long the supplier will take to deliver the ingredients to Clover. As the Procurement planner you will need to take all this under consideration before placing an order. All relevant decisions and justifications relating to the procurement must be documented.

Step two- Description of need
Procurement Planner’s need to determine whether the goods to be purchased are subject to coordinated procurement arrangements that must be followed .For example, this is the process of exactly how the goods are going to be delivered from the supplier .It is going to be transported by ship and then brought into the harbour where it will then be transported by truck to its destination. Procurement Planner’s at Clover need to undertake detailed research of the market and they must estimate the value of the procurement. Where procurements are unable to be valued or reliably valued, they must be treated as if they are over the relevant threshold.

Step three- Identification of potential sources
Supplier selection constitutes an important part of the supply function. It involves identifying potential qualified sources and assessing the probability that a purchase agreement would result in on-time delivery of products and services with good sales service. In terms of determining the procurement method, an open tender involves a one-stage (i.e. Request for tender) open approach to the market. For example, Clover places an open tender which must be advertised on AusTender. By doing this Clover might save on costs because they might get certain ingredients at a cheaper price but at the same time there are risks and the risk is that you cannot really trust the supplier if the supplier is new to the market and is not well established.

A prequalified tender involves procurement from a multi-use list, A two stage process (even if the expression of interest was sought of an open approach to the market).A list of all potential supplies with a specific license or ability to meet a legal requirement that is essential to the procurement.
A limited tender involves procurement based on quotes being sought directly from one or more suppliers. It can be undertaken for any procurement under the relevant thresholds where it represents value for money. Limited Tender can only be used for procurements above the relevant threshold where it is specifically allowed by the CPRs. The value and reasons for the direct source must document.

Step four- Supplier Selection and Determination of terms
At this point Clover will prepare to approach the market.Procurement Planner’s at Clover need to put in place appropriate governance arrangements. Thereafter they will need to prepare the tender evaluation plan and request documentation that appropriately incorporates Procurement Connected Policies. The Procurement Planner’s will need to seek approval from a higher level of management to approach the market.

Step five- Preparation and Placement of the purchase order
Firstly before approaching the market, the market needs to be notified for Open Tenders. This involves publishing the opportunity on AusTender.Procurement Planner’s in Clover must prepare a request document which Includes essential information to enable suppliers to develop and lodge competitive and compliant submissions. In the request documentation Clover includes a draft contract and a statement of compliance. In the contract they use appropriate limitations of liability and standard contact clauses where available. Do not use unnecessary mandatory language, jargon and acronyms in the request documentation. 

Step six - Follow-up and expediting  
This step involves evaluating submissions and concluding the tender process.When evaluating submissions from Tenders, Clover deals with unintentional errors in tenders in accordance with the CPRs and they deal with late tenders in accordance with CRPs.Clover ensures that their procurement process is fair and equitable and is consistent with the CPRs including in relation to handling complaints. Clover provides sufficient documentation and information to suppliers to enable them to make an informed decision. For example, the supplier will know exactly what is required of Clover and will be able to inform them exactly what the cost of ingredients will be and how long the goods will take to be delivered. Clover advises unsuccessful Tenders as a courtesy. (, 2015)

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