Microsoft Word add-on

Download the Microsoft Word add-on

Seamlessly import your citations and bibliographies into your assignment

Using the Microsoft Word add-on you can import the in-text citations and formatted bibliographies that you create on the website directly into your essay or assignment. It's super easy, and super awesome!

Note: a Cite This For Me account is required to use the Microsoft Word add-on. We have detected that you do not have an account, or are not logged in, so while you may download the add-on you will not be able to log into it. Please create an account to be able to use the add-on (amongst a whole bunch of other cool stuff!).

Note: The plugin will only work with Microsoft Word 2010/2013 on Windows Vista/7/8. This plugin is not compatible with the Mac version of Microsoft Word.

Installation instructions

  1. Download for Windows Click the button to the left and download the install package. Then open it.

    Run the install file by double-clicking on it. You may require a Windows update to proceed - this will be downloaded automatically for you if so.

  2. Accept the security warning

    We promise there's nothing to worry about. Click Install to proceed.

  3. Done!

    That's it! Load up Word and your new Cite This For Me tab will be there. You'll need to log in using your usual Cite This For Me account details in order to load your bibliographies.