These are the sources and citations used to research English language - language investigation. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on

  • Website

    Brown, P. and Levinson, S.


    In-text: (Brown and Levinson, 2022)

    Your Bibliography: Brown, P. and Levinson, S., 2022. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 7 May 2022].

  • Website

    Goffman, E.

    On Face-Work


    In-text: (Goffman, 2022)

    Your Bibliography: Goffman, E., 2022. On Face-Work. [online] Taylor & Francis. Available at: <> [Accessed 7 May 2022].

  • Website

    Investigations in Instructed Second Language Acquisition


    In-text: (Investigations in Instructed Second Language Acquisition, 2022)

    Your Bibliography: Google Books. 2022. Investigations in Instructed Second Language Acquisition. [online] Available at: <,+Carol.+M.+%26+Bernsten,+Janice.+(1988).+Natural+conversations+as+a+model+for+textbook+dialogue,+Applied+Linguistics,+9,+372-384.&source=bl&ots=U0IixDklCD&sig=ACfU3U3fhOKItl1zEY-a7T3sDMJQrWszvw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjwnq3Dxs33AhXUoVwKHfgqCo0Q6AF6BAgXEAM#v=onepage&q=Scotton%2C%20Carol.%20M.%20%26%20Bernsten%2C%20Janice.%20(1988).%20Natural%20conversations%20as%20a%20model%20for%20textbook%20dialogue%2C%20Applied%20Linguistics%2C%209%2C%20372-384.&f=false> [Accessed 7 May 2022].

  • E-book or PDF

    Holtz-Bacha, C. and Marion, R.


    In-text: (Holtz-Bacha and Marion, 2022)

    Your Bibliography: Holtz-Bacha, C. and Marion, R., 2022. [ebook] Available at: <> [Accessed 7 May 2022].

  • Website

    Sapir, E. and Whorf, B.


    In-text: (Sapir and Whorf, 2022)

    Your Bibliography: Sapir, E. and Whorf, B., 2022. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 7 May 2022].

  • Book

    Thomas, L. and Wareing, S.

    Language, society and power

    2005 - Routledge - London

    In-text: (Thomas and Wareing, 2005)

    Your Bibliography: Thomas, L. and Wareing, S., 2005. Language, society and power. London: Routledge.

  • Book

    Thorne, S.

    Mastering advanced English language

    2008 - Palgrave Macmillan - Basingstoke

    In-text: (Thorne, 2008)

    Your Bibliography: Thorne, S., 2008. Mastering advanced English language. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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