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  • Book

    Beizer, J. L.

    Ventriloquized bodies

    1994 - Cornell University Press - Ithaca

    In-text: (Beizer, 1994)

    Your Bibliography: Beizer, J., 1994. Ventriloquized bodies. 1st ed. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

  • Book

    Bourdieu, P.

    La domination masculine

    2002 - Éditions du Seuil - Paris

    In-text: (Bourdieu, 2002)

    Your Bibliography: Bourdieu, P., 2002. La domination masculine. 1st ed. Paris: Éditions du Seuil.

  • Journal

    Brevik-Zender, H.

    Fashion and Fractured Flânerie in Guy de Maupassant’sBel-Ami

    2012 - Dix-Neuf

    In-text: (Brevik-Zender, 2012)

    Your Bibliography: Brevik-Zender, H., 2012. Fashion and Fractured Flânerie in Guy de Maupassant’sBel-Ami. Dix-Neuf, 16(2), pp.224-242.

  • Website

    Cardona, C.

    Moustaches en croc


    In-text: (Cardona, 2012)

    Your Bibliography: Cardona, C., 2012. Moustaches en croc. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 1 May 2017].

  • Book

    Clare, A. W.

    On men. masculinity in crisis

    2001 - Arrow - London

    In-text: (Clare, 2001)

    Your Bibliography: Clare, A., 2001. On men. masculinity in crisis. 1st ed. London: Arrow.

  • Book

    Holmes, D.


    2001 - Berg - Oxford

    In-text: (Holmes, 2001)

    Your Bibliography: Holmes, D., 2001. Rachilde. 1st ed. Oxford: Berg.

  • Book

    Lanoux, A.

    Maupassant le Bel-Ami

    1995 - B. Grasset - Paris

    In-text: (Lanoux, 1995)

    Your Bibliography: Lanoux, A., 1995. Maupassant le Bel-Ami. 1st ed. Paris: B. Grasset.

  • Book

    Lloyd, C.

    Maupassant: Bel-Ami

    1988 - Grant & Cutler - London [u.a.]

    In-text: (Lloyd, 1988)

    Your Bibliography: Lloyd, C., 1988. Maupassant: Bel-Ami. 1st ed. London [u.a.]: Grant & Cutler.

  • Journal

    Margot Irvine

    Spousal Collaborations in Naturalist Fiction and in Practice

    2008 - Nineteenth Century French Studies

    In-text: (Margot Irvine, 2008)

    Your Bibliography: Margot Irvine, 2008. Spousal Collaborations in Naturalist Fiction and in Practice. Nineteenth Century French Studies, 37(1-2), pp.67-80.

  • Book

    Rachilde, Hawthorne, M., Boyd, M. E. R. and Constable, L.

    Monsieur Vénus

    2004 - Modern Language Association of America - New York

    In-text: (Rachilde, Hawthorne, Boyd and Constable, 2004)

    Your Bibliography: Rachilde, Hawthorne, M., Boyd, M. and Constable, L., 2004. Monsieur Vénus. 1st ed. New York: Modern Language Association of America.

  • Book

    Rauch, A.

    Crise de l'identité masculine 1789-1914

    2001 - Hachette Littératures - [Paris]

    In-text: (Rauch, 2001)

    Your Bibliography: Rauch, A., 2001. Crise de l'identité masculine 1789-1914. 1st ed. [Paris]: Hachette Littératures.

  • Journal

    Wilson, S.

    The Quest for Fictionality: Prostitution and Metatextuality in Rachilde’s Monsieur Vénus

    2015 - Modern Languages Open

    In-text: (Wilson, 2015)

    Your Bibliography: Wilson, S., 2015. The Quest for Fictionality: Prostitution and Metatextuality in Rachilde’s Monsieur Vénus. Modern Languages Open, 0(0).

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