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  • Book

    Banks, S.

    Ethics and values in social work

    2001 - Palgrave - Basingstoke

    In-text: (Banks, 2001)

    Your Bibliography: Banks, S., 2001. Ethics and values in social work. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

  • Book

    Beckett, C. and Maynard, A.

    Values & ethics in social work

    2005 - Sage - London

    In-text: (Beckett and Maynard, 2005)

    Your Bibliography: Beckett, C. and Maynard, A., 2005. Values & ethics in social work. London: Sage.

  • Book

    Dalrymple, J. and Burke, B.

    Anti-oppressive practice

    2006 - Open University Press - Maidenhead

    In-text: (Dalrymple and Burke, 2006)

    Your Bibliography: Dalrymple, J. and Burke, B., 2006. Anti-oppressive practice. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

  • Website

    Hewson, B.

    The inhumanity of a forced Caesarean


    In-text: (Hewson, 2014)

    Your Bibliography: Hewson, B., 2014. The inhumanity of a forced Caesarean. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 5 January 2015].

  • Court case


    In-text: (, [2013])

    Your Bibliography: [2013].

  • Book

    Ife, J.

    Human rights and social work

    2001 - Cambridge University Press - Cambridge

    In-text: (Ife, 2001)

    Your Bibliography: Ife, J., 2001. Human rights and social work. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  • Book

    Loewenberg, F. M., Dolgoff, R. and Harrington, D.

    Ethical decisions for social work practice

    2000 - F.E. Peacock Publishers - Itasca, Ill.

    In-text: (Loewenberg, Dolgoff and Harrington, 2000)

    Your Bibliography: Loewenberg, F., Dolgoff, R. and Harrington, D., 2000. Ethical decisions for social work practice. Itasca, Ill.: F.E. Peacock Publishers.

  • Website

    Social work and public perception


    In-text: (Social work and public perception, 2013)

    Your Bibliography: OpenLearn. 2013. Social work and public perception. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 12 January 2015].

  • Book

    Parrott, L.

    Values and ethics in social work practice

    2006 - Learning Matters - Exeter

    In-text: (Parrott, 2006)

    Your Bibliography: Parrott, L., 2006. Values and ethics in social work practice. Exeter: Learning Matters.

  • Website

    Prochaska, E.

    Forced cesarean: a legal perspective


    In-text: (Prochaska, 2013)

    Your Bibliography: Prochaska, E., 2013. Forced cesarean: a legal perspective. [online] Birthrights. Available at: <> [Accessed 14 January 2015].

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