Guide: How to cite a Blog in IOP style

Guide: How to cite a Blog in IOP style

Cite A Blog in IOP style

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Use the following template to cite a blog using the IOP citation style. For help with other source types, like books, PDFs, or websites, check out our other guides. To have your reference list or bibliography automatically made for you, try our free citation generator.


Pink text = information that you will need to find from the source.
Black text = text required by the IOP style.

Reference list

Place this part in your bibliography or reference list at the end of your assignment.


[1] Author Surname Author Initial Year Published Title Publication Title


[1] jvntpvbar j 1978 aqvtn wjwpa for 41% uledbb7 (Thailand: jvntpvbar)

In-text citation

Place this part right after the quote or reference to the source in your assignment.




The EU it said will continue its policy of imposing additional sanctions targeting the Syrian regime and its supporters, and reiterated its call to the UN Security Council to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court. The EU expressed its support to efforts by the Global Coalition to counter ISIL, including military action in accordance with international law. It recalled that military action in this context is necessary but not sufficient to defeat ISIL. [url=]coach outlet online[/url] 5) Call a taxi and go home. t [url=]coach outlet store online[/url] 
It wonderful when you can see this level of horse and rider in your own backyard, she said. [url=]michael kors[/url] He further stated that to make North Cyprus more developed in tourism we have to pay make transport easy; appropriate and secure accommodation.Gunay said that TRNC declared 2011 year of environment which would add to expansion of tourism as well. 
In men鈥檚 action Sunday, Canadian sixth seed beat 6-3, 6-4; of Bulgaria outlasted Australia鈥檚 7-6 (7/2), 3-6, 7-6 (7/4) and defeated Swiss seventh seed Stanislas Wawrinka 6-3, 3-6, 6-3. [url=]michael kors outlet online[/url] The bills would also create more stability in work schedules and eliminate a rule that prohibits additional CalWORKS benefits for children born while a family is already receiving welfare assistance. j [url=]gucci outlet online[/url] 
9:30 a.m.: Consideration of proposed changes to the city code regarding animals and fowl will be held over for at least two weeks while the issue continues to be researched. [url=]prada[/url] 1. Leverage 
i Ms Sinha said she has missed countless weddings, birthdays and a family Christmas to work the unsociable hours that her job requires. [url=]michael kors bags[/url] We feel comfortable in here, everyone is from Cameroon or Congo, Patrick, the leader of an informal Cameroonian community organization, told IRIN. But outside of this restaurant, it s a very hard life for us. [url=]tory burch[/url] 
More than a week before the shooting, Darlene Watkins sought that help for her son from a mental health facility in Moulton, where Watkins had reportedly been a patient before. Because his previous case file had been closed out, however, he would have to start the process all over. [url=]tory burch shoes[/url] All of those things are true. And the 46-year-old South African would love to win the Northern Trust Open, of course. To call him desperate to win, though, would be false. He is not desperate. Mostly, he鈥檚 pleased to be in the position he鈥檚 in. 
He leaves behind his mother and father, the Army said. [url=][/url] 鈥淚 feel calm when I鈥檓 cooking,鈥?says Borokhim. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a labor of love.鈥?k [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] 
43) Peter Kaiser, Bethel, Alaska [url=]gucci outlet[/url] I don鈥檛 watch Dr. Phil very often, but when I do there is usually something I can implement into my life that is valuable. I consider myself pretty active in the lives of my children, but cannot answer every question on the list for each of them. Sure, there are answers I would hope that they would give, but I cannot say with absolute certainty that they would be their answers. I thought this would be a good personal challenge for anyone with children. See if you can find out their answers without asking them the direct question. Ask some open ended questions and do a lot of listening. Don鈥檛 put a time frame on it. Sure, it鈥檚 a check list, but if you rush it you will never get the real answers. Solid relationships take a lot of time and effort. 
* traditionalRegistration_displayName * [url=]coach outlet[/url] 5. Whoops-A-Daisy Shasta Daisy: Shorter variety of perennial daisy has mound of 3- to 4-inch flowers; blooms early to midsummer. White with gold center. Grows 15 inches high, spreads 22 inches. (Walters Gardens) 
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"If a major disaster occurs in or around Atherton, we could be on our own without utilities or first responder support for up to one week depending on the size, type and scope of the disaster?" says an item on the town's website. "Are you ready for such an emergency? We need to "Get Ready" and take personal responsibility for ourselves, our families and pets and our neighborhoods in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. [url=]michael kors handbags[/url] According to a statement issued by the foundation this week, the successful program or project selected should take place by the end of the 2015 calendar year. 
j Barker piped it out of the park. [url=]coach bags outlet[/url] 239-283-6453 
Whatever role we play in a dog聮s life, our first concern should be their happiness. We want a dog that is both physically and mentally happy and healthy. By learning more about how our dogs interpret what we do, as well as the ways they think and communicate their emotions, we will be able to better provide all that they need to live happy healthy lives with us. [url=]michael kors outlet online[/url] Jack Galante lets Rombi use his de-stemmer and crusher machine, and then Rombi stores his wine for two years in French oak barrels in his own garage. h [url=]gucci[/url] 
鈥淭he uncontroverted evidence is that the attorney: on multiple occasions had contact with an individual recommended as an aide to the defense in a murder trial where the death penalty was sought; misled the defense, his supervisor, his co-counsel, and the trial court concerning the extent of his contact with the individual; 鈥榗onveniently鈥?remembered there had been a witness to the one reported conversation only after affidavits were filed with the trial court which did not mention this development; and did not timely report the discipline imposed in the reciprocal jurisdiction to this court.鈥?[url=]prada[/url] The Czech monsoon season has been on for weeks now causing floods in many parts of the country. You may want to make sure that the event you are planning to visit has not been washed down by big water unless you are going to Karlovy Vary to watch films. The town's annual  opens on Friday, offering more than 220 feature films from around the world, many of them are world premieres and all of them are indoor screenings. 
y 2. Marceline聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 11-4聽聽聽聽 133聽聽聽聽聽 [url=]michael kors outlet[/url] Don Walker and Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel staff contributed to this article. i 
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He has edited two collections of their stories: "Couldn't Keep It to Myself: Testimonies from Our Imprisoned Sisters" and "I'll Fly Away." [url=][/url] As discussed in January during a  at Chapman University in Orange, the suits came without warning, and many defendants were intimidated into settling for a few or several thousand dollars. Righthaven had warned that if they didn鈥檛, Righthaven would pursue up to $150,000 in damages and its attorney鈥檚 fees and would seize their website domain name. 
())).cloneNode(true)), [url=][/url] The $3 million masjid and community center, in a commercial area off N. Calhoun Road, is the 35-year-old Milwaukee Society's third mosque and its first outside Milwaukee County. p [url=]toms[/url] 
points and 12 rebounds in a 64-46 loss to Christian Brothers on Saturday, 10 [url=]coach outlet store online[/url] Women honored: Eight women will be honored as 2011 Orange County Hispanic Women of the Year at a scholarship fundraising dinner Saturday, Nov. 5. [1]

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