7 Great Ways to Take a Study Break

When writing a paper, it’s important to properly structure your time. Many great writers set aside specific periods to write, interspersed with some breaks. You might be thinking, “Take breaks? I like to charge through my paper and just get it out of the way. I don’t want to extend the process if I don’t […]

Common Citation Mistakes and How to Solve Them

Time and time again, no matter how many hours are spent in school learning how to cite properly, it’s always a skill that requires a lot of practice and refinement. Citing is difficult! And the advent of technology hasn’t made citing easier — it’s made things trickier. With more tech comes more source formats, more […]

Video: Writing a Thesis Statement

A good thesis can make or break a paper. Fortunately, if you put in the time, writing a stellar thesis isn’t hard. An original thesis is your chance to present a unique argument—and who doesn’t like a good argument? An excellent thesis serves two main purposes: (1) to provide your reader with an outline of […]

Clearing Survival Tips

A Level results day can be a rollercoaster of emotions, with those having gained their place at university overjoyed, and those who missed the cut, even if just by a mark or two, gutted and worried about what the next years will entail. But how do you survive the clearing process if you have to […]

5 Fun Things to Cite That Aren’t Books

Finding sources for your research can be an arduous process at times: sifting through academic journals and obscure books becomes a fact of life for most students. But there’s good news, too! It turns out that some of the media you come across in your everyday life can actually serve as an academic source! Of […]

Misunderstandings that Lead to Accidental Plagiarism

You’ve probably heard your teachers warn against plagiarism a hundred times. You know you’re not supposed to cut and paste off the Internet and you know to stay away from shady online paper mills offering essays of questionable quality and often expecting to be paid, no less. These are the more obvious plagiarism scenarios, but […]

Cite a Wikipedia article in Harvard, APA, or MLA

When working on a research paper or project, Wikipedia can be a great launch point. The online encyclopedia is chock-full of information on a wide range of subjects, and it’s often one of the first listings to appear on Google. After plucking information from Wikipedia, it is important that you take the extra few minutes […]

8 Ways to Make the Best Use of Study Groups

Let’s talk about study groups: they inspire both love and fear in the same breath. Study groups are a great way to deal with confusing concepts, share project work, and create an academic support system. However, being in one also means running the risk of seeing personalities clash and having unequal work contribution. Why should […]

6 Tips for Writing a Killer Book Report

Book reports are just one of those assignments that do not go away – you might complete your first one in fourth grade, and your last one in college! This means that book reports are important to master, so use the tips below as you begin to craft an excellent one. 1.     Read […]

Evaluate a Webpage Like a Librarian

So you’re researching your paper topic, and you’ve found a great webpage that you’d like to use for your assignment. That’s great, but there are a few things you should consider before committing to including a webpage in your reference list. Websites and webpages are quick and easy-to-find information sources, but they should be treated […]