How to Cite a Meme

Doge, Grumpy Cat, and Success Kid. You know you love them (we do, too). Memes like these are no longer just an Internet fad. They’re so ingrained in pop culture that you can now find books documenting their history and college courses that delve into their popularity. As a result, you may find yourself including […]

How to Take Great Notes

It’s tempting to robotically write down what’s on the classroom board verbatim or everything that’s being said. But taking great notes is a cornerstone of a good academic experience. When you take good notes, you’re not only creating a study guide for yourself, but also improving your memory and understanding of the material. Sort of […]

What are Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources?

By Amanda Marie Clark Primary, secondary, tertiary, oh my! What do these types of sources mean? How do you know which ones to use? And why do the different kinds of sources matter anyway? You might be falling asleep just thinking about it. But as you gather sources and put them through our Cite This […]

How to Manage Your Extracurriculars in College

Managing extracurriculars and academics in college can be a juggling act. Classes are hard enough without trying to add in your social life and sleep. Throw in activities, sports, volunteering, and student jobs into the mix, and scheduling your life can get complicated pretty fast! Here are a few tips to make striking this balance […]

Putting Your Best Foot Forward in the New School Year

By Caleigh Propes The beginning of a new school year is a transition for everyone, especially after a summer off. Almost everyone around you will be concerned with research paper topics, professors, and pulling all-nighters before you know it. With a little bit of effort, though, you can start off the new year in a […]

Effective Paraphrasing for the Smart Student

By Sally Baggett Paraphrasing is an important part of any writing involving outside sources. It’s a way to repeat a source in your own words without having to echo it word for word. Yet how do you paraphrase effectively? There are a few things to consider when paraphrasing, including choosing when to paraphrase in the […]

Feature Highlight: Support Center

Having trouble getting started? Or are you a long-time user that’s stuck on an account issue? You’re in luck—the Cite This For Me Support Center has those answers for you and more! There’s a search bar that’ll help you pinpoint and answer to your questions, but in general there are a few topics each article […]

How to Cite an Online Video

With smartphones and lightning fast Wi-Fi now part of everyday life, it is difficult to remember a time when online resources were not available to researchers and students. How did we ever find information quickly? One of the most popular and talked about types of online media are videos, like the kind that millions of […]

Why Thousands of Citation Styles Exist

Though you may not have realized, Cite This for Me offers more than just Harvard and MLA style. There are literally thousands of citation styles available in our reference generator that cover a wide range of academic disciplines. When looking at this huge list, it is easy to think things like “Why are so many […]

How Cite This for Me Can Help You Cite Almost Anything in Your Paper

When you are given an assignment to write a research paper, your first instinct in finding relevant sources for your research is to type a search into Google, go to your library to gather books on the topic, or scour your university’s online databases for related journal articles. Sometimes these sources, however, are not enough […]