How to Cite A Book

Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, it’s still likely that the reference you’ll need to cite the most is the humble book. Whether you’re an English major quoting Shakespeare, or you’re using a textbook to research a topic, there’ll always be a place for books in every student’s stash of sources. We […]

Secrets to Picking a Great Paper Subject

Managing the endless amount of papers you’ll have to write throughout college may get easier over time, but picking the actual topics of those papers is a different story. We can all relate to the feeling of receiving an assignment and having absolutely no idea what we want to write about, but luckily we have […]

Fresh Look for Easier Citing on Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me just had a major makeover. After months and months of planning, Cite This For Me is looking better than ever. Our new and improved site design is filled with exciting updates we think you’ll be pretty happy with the new look. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go take a […]

How Do I Format Titles of Sources in My Paper?

With so many writing styles out there, it can be difficult to remember how to format titles of sources in your paper, reference list and in text citations. What makes this even more challenging is the fact that title treatment can depend on where you are including it in your paper, as well as what […]

Don’t Turn in Your Paper Without Checking for These 5 Things

Like it or not, a great paper can receive a less-than-stellar grade due to simple mistakes. Lucky for you, we’ve made proofreading easy with our simple checklist. Scan through and snag the glitches that stand between you and perfection. #1 Structure This is the framework that your entire paper hangs on. Before digging deep into […]

How to Cite an Audiobook

You’re probably used to citing regular books, but what about an audiobook? All of a sudden, there are no page numbers to consider. And you have both an author and a narrator. And the audiobook could come in a variety of different formats. Who knew a simple change from paper to audio could generate so […]

Improve Your Study Memory in 8 Easy Steps

If you really want to make your studying stick, there’s a better way than boring repetition. Instead of reading the information over and over again, use these eight easy steps for improving your study memory. Try them on whatever you’re studying now! One of the easiest ways to memorize detailed facts is to translate them […]

8 Small Ways to Destress During Finals

As the end of the semester draws near, it’s natural to feel increasingly stressed out. After all, finals week brings with it multiple final projects, papers and exams—all crammed into a relatively short time frame. Not putting off your studying until the night before is arguably the best way to hold off the worst of […]

My Introduction is Done. Now What?: Support Your Thesis

Odds are, you’ve heard an instructor say that the introduction is the most important part of your essay. And it’s true! Your intro lets the reader know exactly what you’re going to say in your essay. A good introduction will introduce your topic and tell the reader what you are going to argue (your thesis) […]

Is it Who or Whom?

Most people know there is a difference between who and whom, but few remember what it is. In truth, you could go your entire life and only use whom a handful of times, but when those rare grammatical moments strike, if you want to be prepared, we are here to help. (Cite This for Me […]