10 Apps you need when starting university

Firstly there is of course Cite This For Me

Referencing is the most tedious part at university. All you need to do is just scan a Book, choose the style you want and export it to your essay. It will save you time and most importantly marks! Choose from MLA, APA, Harvard, and thousands of other citation styles.

Cite This For Me App

Enough about us though.. Here are 10 apps you should also have whilst at University.

1. Google Maps

Going to university is frightening, you’re entering a new environment and it is so easy to get lost. Google Maps will help you not get lost!

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2. Facebook

You’re gonna be meeting lots of new friends who’s names you will instantly forget. Facebook is a simple way to cheat…

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3. Sleep Cycle

9am lectures are a killer especially after a big night at the Union. Sleep cycle will gradually wake you up based on your movements, making sure you never miss that 9am lecture…

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4. Evernote/Google Drive

At some point you might have to do some work. Evernote makes note taking in lectures easy by letting you add photos to your notes, so you’ll never miss a lecture slide. Google Drive is perfect for group projects. All the tools you need are there whether it is an essay or a presentation.

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5. Dropbox

If you’re going to be writing a lot of essays make sure they are saved on Dropbox. Its simple to backup but also you can access it from the library computers meaning you no longer have to send yourself emails again.

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6. Any.do

You’re going to have things going on left, right and centre. Ensure you keep all your projects, essays and social life organised with Any.do. It is the perfect To Do List app which will help you get through uni.

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7. Yahoo! Weather

Mum isn’t around anymore to tell you to take an umbrella or a coat. Yahoo! Weather is easy to use and has beautiful pictures from Flickr of the city you are in tempting you to brave it outside.

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8. Cal | Calendar for Living

Cal is a simple and smart calendar app that is fast and intuitive. Its clean design gives you a clear perspective of the day.

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9. yPlan

This is for London students who are looking to go out. yPlan offers you deals on nights out. There is a wide range of things you can do and is perfect for going in groups.

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10. Everest

Everest is the app of your dreams. If you want to achieve something, more than likely there is someone else in the world who has the same dream. Everest connects you with other dreamers and has hundreds of steps to make them happen.

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