Citation Styles You’ve Never Heard Of

MLA format, APA format, Harvard referencing. These are the first things that come to mind when you hear the term “citation styles.” But did you know that over 8,000 other citation styles exist, and that you can find most of them on Cite This For Me? It’s all because of CSL, or the Citation Style Language, an open-sourced, XML-based language that dictates the formatting of citations and bibliographies. Basically, CSL is the power behind the rules that make each citation style unique.

Here are some unusual citation styles A to Z that you’ve probably never heard of, and what subjects some of describe:

  • Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research. The Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research provides a forum for the exchange of information about new and significant research in viticulture, oenology and related fields, and aims to promote these disciplines throughout the world.
  • Body & Society
  • Clinical Otolaryngology
  • Documents d’archéologie française (French)
  • Equine Veterinary Education
  • Flavour and Fragrance Journal. The Flavour and Fragrance Journal is a bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published since 1985 by John Wiley & Sons. It publishes original research articles, reviews and special reports on all aspects of flavour and fragrance.
  • German Council of Economic Experts
  • Human Mutation
  • Irish Historical Societies
  • Journal of Sleep Research
  • Kidney International
  • Limnology and Oceanography
  • Molecular Metabolism
  • Nordic Pulp and Paper Research. Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal (NPPRJ) is an international scientific magazine covering science and technology for the areas of wood or bio-mass constituents.
  • Optometry and Vision Science
  • Population Space and Place. Research journal in the field of population geography and in geographical population studies.
  • Quaternary International
  • Socio-economic Review
  • Traffic.csl
  • Urban Habitats
  • Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training
  • Water Alternatives. An interdisciplinary e-journal on water, politics and development.
  • Xenotransplantation. The process of grafting or transplanting organs or tissues between members of different species.