Best Online Tools for New College Students

Nervous about your freshman year of college? Have no fear; you live in the 21st century! There is an abundance of online resources to get your first year of college off to a productive start.

Your University Library’s Website

Somewhere on your tuition bill, you will likely encounter a “Library Fee” of some kind. But what exactly is this fee, and what do you get out of it? The answer: a lot! University libraries are not the small, musty piles of books found in your high school. Instead, they are a bustling hub of students studying, researching, and preparing for classes. Most libraries have a dedicated website in which you can look for library items (books, DVDs, etc.) and get help on assignments. Pay special attention to any “For Students” tabs, as that is generally the best spot for getting resources to get you through the year. Also, do not be too shy to check out the “Contact Us” page! Librarians love helping students connect with resources, so be sure to reach out!

Google Calendar

Affectionately referred to by college students as “GCal,” Google Calendar offers an excellent way to stay organized in your first year. Enter your class schedule, important meetings, club events, and even some time to hang out with friends. A favorite feature of college students is the ability to invite others to events and share calendars with others to set up study groups. Be sure to check out the mobile app too and kiss being late goodbye!

This isn’t exactly a single tool, but it is a one-stop hub where students can buy or rent etextbooks, find a tutor or textbook help 24/7, browse internships, and look for scholarships. That’s a lot to have in one place!

Cite This For Me

Was the assignment supposed to be in MLA format? APA format? Harvard? Who knows! Whatever the case may be, Cite This For Me citation generator has you covered. Simply input the information for the source you are using, and Cite This For Me will take it from there! As an added bonus, Cite This For Me has an add-on for Microsoft Word and Google Chrome to help you cite as you research, as well as a mobile app that lets you cite a book by simply scanning its barcode.

Your School’s Online Learning Platform

Teachers post amazing resources online. From lecture notes, videos, and study guides, your online learning platform is bound to have some awesome resources that you will not want to miss out on. Most schools use services like Blackboard or Moodle, but this can vary so be sure to consult your professor to find out precisely which platform you should be checking.

Browser Extensions

Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, or something in-between, your browser is packed full of productivity features you may usually miss. Check out Mixmax and Google Keep. You surely will not be disappointed.

Freshman year is just months away, but you’re not alone. With these online wonders in your toolbox, you’ll be set up for instant success.