How Cite This for Me Can Help You Cite Almost Anything in Your Paper

When you are given an assignment to write a research paper, your first instinct in finding relevant sources for your research is to type a search into Google, go to your library to gather books on the topic, or scour your university’s online databases for related journal articles. Sometimes these sources, however, are not enough to present a cohesive argument in your paper, and your professor may ask you to broaden your list of references to include more diverse collections of information. Have you found yourself in this situation? If so, what other types of sources can you include, and how can you get started?

Have you just been asked by your teacher to cite more than just books, websites, and other commonly used source types? Then you’re in luck, because Cite This for Me gives you the ability to not only cite websites, journals, and books, but 28 other source types! These include sources like blogs, newspapers, press releases, films, and so much more. Each will provide you with an easy-to-understand form. In addition, if you need create an annotated bibliography, each form has a space where you may also add an annotation to your citation.

Are you ready to explore the full list of source types that are available on Cite This for Me? Here is a full list of options that are ready for you to include in your next reference list or work cited page:



Bonus feature: For certain source types (book, journal, etc.), you can use a single piece of information—like the title of a book, website URL, or DOI number of a journal article—and search within Cite This for Me for that source’s citation information.

For instance, do you have a particular journal article you are looking to include in your references? Simply select “journal” as your source type, then type in the article title or DOI into the search box. When you click “search,” you will be presented with sources that match your search criteria. If you choose one of these options, Cite This For Me will then help you get started by filling out the necessary information to make your reference!

Perhaps you’re asking yourself “Does Cite This for Me allow me to create references in my required citation style?” The answer is probably yes! While most students are interested in the most popular styles, such as APA, MLA, Harvard referencing, and AMA, Cite This for Me gives you the ability to make references in literally thousands of styles. The possibilities are endless!

To choose the appropriate citation style for your references, simply click the “Choose Style” dropdown in the top toolbar located here:MoreMean2

By providing you with a variety of source type and style options, Cite This for Me helps make you a more well-rounded researcher and writer. Having a variety of different sources in your paper will make your work stand out to your instructor, and demonstrates that you took the time to explore your topic before finishing the assignment. Be sure to explore all of the different options available to you while writing your next paper!