Edge Hill University Referencing Generator

Need to complete your academic references in the Edge Hill Harvard style? RefME fully supports Edge Hill Harvard referencing and will automate the process of creating citations and references for you. Simply scan book or journal barcodes, or search websites, articles newspapers and more. Read on to find out more about the specifics of this format.

Edge Hill Harvard referencing

The Edge Hill Harvard format follows the Author-Date style of referencing citations. With this system of referencing, in-text citations contain the author’s surname and date of publication. These citations, as with the Harvard style, are accompanied by a ‘Reference list’ or ‘Bibliography’, which contains all the information the reader needs to find the source of the citation.

How to Edge Hill Harvard reference

For a citation all you need is the author’s name, date of publication and page number – remember, the citation accompanies your writing in the body of the text. The remaining details – the name of the publication, place of publication etc. – are located in a reference list or bibliography, usually at the end of your work.

References, as mentioned above, appear at the end of a piece of work and contain much more information than the citation. With the Edge Hill Harvard style, book references contain the author’s name(s), date of publication, the name of the publication, edition, place of publication and the publisher. Other sources, such as websites, contain the information noted below.

Edge Hill Harvard referencing examples

In-text example:

The sky is blue (Cottrell, 2013)

Reference list example:

COTTRELL, S., 2013. The study skills handbook. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.