Wolverhampton University
Harvard Referencing Style

What is Wolverhampton University Harvard referencing?

Has your department requested that you complete your academic references in the Wolverhampton University Harvard referencing style? Find out exactly what this variation of the Harvard style is by reading on. Then try the RefME app and web tool and have the whole thing done for you automatically, within moments. It’s referencing made easy.

Wolverhampton University Harvard referencing is a sub-style of Harvard, created and used as the standard referencing style at Wolverhampton University. Harvard style referencing is used to show where another author’s work has contributed to the findings presented in an academic essay or paper.

Wolverhampton University Harvard style is presented in the parenthetical format. This simply means that there is a citation presented in the text and a full corresponding reference at the end of the paper. This style of referencing allows the reader to see where another author’s data, finding or theory has contributed within the text. The reader can also see a full reference, which allows them to find the original source and read it for themselves.

How to Wolverhampton University Harvard reference

To reference in the Wolverhampton University style, you need to create a citation within the text and a full corresponding reference list.

To create the citation, there are two important pieces of information you need to know about the source: the author’s name and the year of publication. The citation is shown in brackets at the end of the appropriate sentence within the text. When the author’s name already appears within the text, only the year of publication is shown within the citation and it is located directly afterwards.

To create the full reference, more information about the source is needed. The full reference should start with the authors name and the year of publication so it can be easily found in the alphabetised reference list.

Each source type should be referenced in a different format – for example a book should be formatted differently to a website or academic journal in the reference list.

A lot to think about? Simply search for the book, journal or website in RefME’s app or web platform, set it to the correct style and have all your Wolverhampton University Harvard references generated automatically for you.

Wolverhampton University Harvard Referencing example

In-text example:

(Cottrell, 2013)

Bibliography example:

Cottrell, S. (2013) The study skills handbook, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan.