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About RefME

We love citations and think you should too. Whether you’re a NASA Scientist or high-school student, they are the building blocks of research, helping to validate and connect knowledge.

That’s why we created RefME: an accurate and automated citation tool. We believe education utilities should be free, and want to give the next generation a better alternative to the inaccurate and expensive tools they’ve been stuck with.

We empower millions of researchers and students worldwide with our cloud-based web platform, mobile apps and browser extensions, without a steep learning curve. RefME lets students collect and add any source to bibliographies with just a click, scan book and journal barcodes on their smartphone, and format citations in over 7500 styles.

Our Mission

RefME is setting out to map and connect citations so that every student can stand on the shoulders of giants. Our goal is to index, validate and connect the world’s knowledge by providing hundreds of millions of researchers with a free, intuitive and accurate citation tool.

Our strategy relies on innovation and user feedback to build a product that constantly evolves to fit the needs of researchers at every step. RefME is built on the idea that it’s more productive for a student to spend their time thinking about how a piece of knowledge informs their work, than needing to know how to format a citation.


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RefME Ltd.
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Canonbury Business Centre,
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