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Old-school study habits are now obsolete. Even the most basic tasks of memorization, concentration, and communication have all been digitalized. Who even goes to libraries anymore? The Internet and mobile apps have overtaken the process of forward thinking and initiative. Before you can even finish entering a search query, you are already receiving hundreds of suggestions. How can the Internet read my mind?!

It’s truly impressive, don’t you think? With the aid of these tools, along with mobile apps that allow you to study, take notes, and even research everything under the sun, the possibilities are endless. Cell Phone City‘s Top 5 Smart Apps for Students will show you which applications are ready to lead us into the future of learning.

1. Cite This For Me

This app is the ultimate research tool. Using any smartphone camera, simply scan the barcode of an academic journal and Cite This For Me will present bibliography-ready references in Harvard referencing, APA format, MLA format, or several other citation styles. All documents and files are stored in the Cloud and can be accessed online through the website using any smart device. The torment of trying to find related journals for a thesis or dissertation is now over.


2. Little Story Creator

Trying to become an instant video editor overnight is a recipe for disaster. It may be an individual project or a group project, but there is always someone who would have to do it alone. This app enables you to produce short and simple picture-audio presentations without pain. Little Story Creator was primarily conceptualized for children, but adults love it thanks to its simple user interface. Video creation is now a reality for virtually anyone.

3. Talkboard

Communication improves and develops the imagination. It is through the communication of words that we imagine pictures as words are spoken. The quality of thought depends on how well we listen, and how well we can picture distinct details based on experiences. Now, with the help of Talkboard, you can sketch or write anything simultaneously while talking on the phone. It functions as a virtual chalkboard you can use to communicate with others. Imagination gets a boost with this app!


4. Google Keep

Who has not suffered the torment of note taking while a teacher rambles on about something entirely uninteresting? Many just tune it all out, leaving them completely unprepared for tests and quizzes. Not this time, as Google Keep lets you take notes using your voice. Why not just record the entire discussion? To that, I say: Why shouldn’t I be able to choose the important parts without having to listen to the teacher’s lame attempts at humor all over again? This app does just that, allowing you to make note of only what you feel is important.

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5. Anti-Social

This computer app improves focus by blocking all social sites and any site listed as “distracting.” Anti-Social keeps you on task, whether that task is writing an essay or doing your taxes. It is currently available for both Windows and Mac. Couldn’t we all use a little helping keeping our heads out of the clouds?

These apps are great, but keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with doing things the old-fashioned way. Actions produce results, not plans; so, whatever it is that keeps you motivated and on task – go for it. A little help along the way never hurt though!

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