Common Citation Mistakes and How to Solve Them

Time and time again, no matter how many hours are spent in school learning how to cite properly, it’s always a skill that requires a lot of practice and refinement. Citing is difficult! And the advent of technology hasn’t made citing easier — it’s made things trickier. With more tech comes more source formats, more citation structures, and more websites bombarding us with information on how to cite. We’re on citation overload, but don’t worry, Cite This For Me is here to help.

We’ve pulled together the 6 biggest citing mistakes and highlighted them in our latest infographic. We even took it a step further and included explanations on how to prevent, or solve, each problem.

Go ahead and take a peek! Do any of the mistakes look familiar to you? Have you overloaded your paper with MLA style in-text citations before? How about using a combination of Harvard referencing and APA citations in an assignment? Have you been placing periods for your parenthetical citations in the wrong spot? If you answered yes to any of these, don’t fret! The majority of the citation mistakes highlighted in our infographic require a quick, simple fix.

Refer to our infographic the next time you’re looking to brush up on your citation skills, or when editing your paper for reference errors. While it may not showcase all of the possible citation errors, it’s a handy checklist to use.

List of common citation mistakes

Looking for additional bibliographic help? Aside from infographics, Cite This For Me has a Chicago citation generator, a guide on how to do in-text citations, and an annotated bibliography example.