7 Tips for Making the Most of Your College Classes

Ah college. More subjects, bigger libraries, better lunch options, and so many class resources! Use the tips below to take advantage of the perks of college classes, and you’ll be on your way to mastering your courses in no time!   If you’re trying to master citations, Cite This For Me can help! Easily create […]

4 High-profile Plagiarism Stories in 2018

Students who plagiarize papers and other assignments might face failing grades, formal reprimands, suspensions, and even expulsions, especially for repeat offenses. But schools aren’t the only institutions that levy some serious consequences for plagiarism. Accusations of plagiarism happen all the time and can put professionals in court—or out of a job—even if they plagiarized a […]

How to Write a Cover Letter

  While much focus is placed on the resume, the cover letter is also an important part of a job application—especially if you’re looking to go into a writing-heavy field. Where a resume offers information about your work and academic experience, the cover letter tells an employer more about your personality: it gives you an […]

Crush Finals Week with These 10 Tips

With finals week just around the corner, it’s hard not to be freaking out. After all, three exams, a final paper, and a project in four days is enough to make anyone a little stressed out. But, fear not! Check out these tips so that you’re not in your university’s library at 2 a.m. surrounded […]

What a Good Paper Introduction Looks Like

An introduction sounds deceptively simple. It’s easy to forget about the intro and give all your attention to the body of the paper because that’s where the meat is, right? But truthfully, the introduction is what gets your reader engaged. It’s the first impression, and it sets up your essay for success. If your paper […]

How to Write A Research Paper: 7 Simple Steps

Writing a research paper can be a pain. It’s not fun to find yourself staring at your computer the night before your paper is due, wondering why you waited until the last minute. Or maybe you’ve just started your paper, only to find yourself completely overwhelmed by the task at hand. Don’t worry! Whenever you […]

3 Note-Taking Systems That Help You Conquer Research

By Roxanne Wells Having clear, concise notes is super important when you are writing that paper or studying for that test, but taking in information and taking good notes at the same time can be a tricky skill to master. The good news is that there are several different note-taking systems that make things easier […]

Brainstorming Tips For When You’re Stuck

There’s nothing worse than working on an assignment and finding yourself hopelessly, thoroughly stuck! It might be figuring out the layout of your essay that gets you, or perhaps you’re struggling to put together an argument that you can support. In cases like these, taking the time to do some less-structured brainstorming might be just […]

How to Take Great Notes

It’s tempting to robotically write down what’s on the classroom board verbatim or everything that’s being said. But taking great notes is a cornerstone of a good academic experience. When you take good notes, you’re not only creating a study guide for yourself, but also improving your memory and understanding of the material. Sort of […]

How to Manage Your Extracurriculars in College

Managing extracurriculars and academics in college can be a juggling act. Classes are hard enough without trying to add in your social life and sleep. Throw in activities, sports, volunteering, and student jobs into the mix, and scheduling your life can get complicated pretty fast! Here are a few tips to make striking this balance […]