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Reference list

Place this part in your bibliography or reference list at the end of your assignment.


Author Surname, Author Initial. (Year Published). Title. Retrieved Date Accessed, from http://Website URL

Example: Islam,. (2014). Evils of Gossip and Backbiting in Islam. Retrieved 12 June 2014, from

In-text citation

Place this part right after the quote or reference to the source in your assignment.


(Author Surname, Year Published)


There may be some situations in which a story must be shared, even if it may be hurtful. Muslim scholars have outlined six situations in which one is justified in sharing gossip: •When making a complaint to a judge about an injustice that has been done, in order for one to reclaim his or her rights.
 •To seek help which will prevent a person from continuing to commit a certain sin.
 •To seek advice from a Muslim scholar about whether a particular action is allowed or disallowed. In this case, one may mention a certain situation without giving names, in order to obtain a judgment on the matter.
 •To identify a particular person.
 •If someone publicly declares his sins, openly, there is no harm in speaking about it.
 •To warn others about a certain person. For example, it is an obligation for us to warn others about a person who is known to cheat or steal. ( Islam, 2014)

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How do I format an in-text citation for a website with a known author in APA style?

As per Sections 8.21 and 8.1 of the APA manual, a citation for a group author may be abbreviated. It is not compulsory to do so; however, if the group author is well known or if it appears at least thrice in the paper, then the name of the group may be abbreviated.

Example In-Text Citation with Abbreviation:

Full name of the group, [Abbreviation], (Year)

National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH], (2018)

Whether it is a narrative or parenthetical in-text citation, the full name of the group should be mentioned at the first instance.

Example In-Text Citation with Abbreviation:

The American Psychological Association (APA, 2017) describes that… (first instance)

As per the APA (2017), it is a standard practice that… (subsequent instances)

How do I format a reference list entry for a website that has a known author in APA style?

When there is no date available for a webpage, use “n.d.” signifying “no date” and use the name of the author or institution depending on the source.

Example In-Text Citation with Author and No Date:

Research has found a strong correlation between heavy usage of visual social media and presence of depression in teens (Ramsay, n.d.)

Example In-Text Citation with Institution and No Date:

According to research, one in five people would have been subject to some sort of mental illness in their lifetime (NIMH, n.d.).