What is DMU Harvard referencing?

DMU Harvard style is a variation of the Harvard style of referencing sources. It is the standard used by De Montfort University in Leicester, which is where it gets its name.

DMU Harvard is used to recognise the influence of the authors whose findings or inference has contributed to a new publication. The DMU style of Harvard includes an in-text citation to show where the author’s work has been referenced, and a full corresponding reference at the end of the work.

The De Montfort University referencing style is only used for papers or research pieces written or published at De Montfort University. It is very similar to the standard Harvard referencing style in structure and format with some minor variations.

How to DMU Harvard reference

DMU Harvard citations are shown in the text at the end of the sentence that refers to them, in the author-date format, i.e. (Cottrell, 2013). When the authors name is used within the sentence, just the date is presented in the brackets directly after the author’s name.

A full reference list is presented at the end of the work. This includes the full source details including the author’s name and the date at the beginning so that it’s easy to match it with the in-text citation.

There are different formats for each source type – for example a book with one author must be represented differently to a website or academic journal in the reference list.

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