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Reference list

Place this part in your bibliography or reference list at the end of your assignment.


Author Surname, Author Initial. (Year Published). Title. Publication Title, [online] Volume number(Issue number), p.Pages Used. Available at: http://Website URL [Accessed Date Accessed].


Poynting, S. (2006). What caused the Cronulla riot?. Race \& Class, 48(1), pp.85--92.

In-text citation

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(Author Surname, Year Published)


State racism in the form of ethnically targeted
covert surveillance, ongoing harassment, secret police, dawn raids
carried out by heavily armed officers, arrest and detention without
proper trial and the like seems to be interpreted by outraged selfappointed
guardians of white Christian ‘Australianness’ as some sort
of moral licence for their own violent racial attacks.13 Thus, if the
state assaults, harasses and vilifies Muslims as the enemy in the war
on terror and thereby terrorises whole communities, then perhaps
white-thinking citizens feel justified in personally attacking this
enemy wherever they might encounter it. So, in a moral panic about
the purported bad behaviour of ‘Lebs’ at the beach, a bystander of
Bangladeshi background was chased, mobbed and assaulted. The
Arab ‘other’ has morphed into the Muslim ‘other’. This process is not
new – Indonesian women in hijabs had their veils torn off in Australia
during the 1991 Gulf War – but it has been greatly exacerbated since
September 11. (Poynting, 2006)

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