Collaborate on citations with others using RefME.

Group work

Our newest feature: Group Work, lets you invite classmates, research groups or anyone you are working on a project with, to collaborate on your research and references.

It is really simple. Just add a member to a project that you have set up and that is it! The project is then available across and the RefME app meaning you can add to the project from any device, anywhere.

You can even move existing references from other projects into the Group Work folder. As the group leader, you even have control over the members and can remove those who keep citing Wikipedia.

No longer will a bibliography be the responsibility of just one member of your assignment group. With Group Work, all members of the team can now pitch in and help create it as well as start showing where they’ve found their research!

We are really excited about Group Work, as it is the start of a number of collaborative features we are working on which we can’t wait to show you.

To start collaborating on a project, look out for the icon below in RefME.