Collaborate on citations with others using Cite This For Me

Our newest feature: Share With Group, lets classmates, research groups or anyone you are working on a project with, to collaborate on your research and references.

It is really simple. Open the bibliography you wish to share, go to “More” icon and select “Share with group” from the drop down menu. A URL will be presented that you can share with anyone you want to share or work on the bibliography with.

There is also an option to “Send to Email” which is automatically send an email with the bibliography link to anyone you specify.

No longer will a bibliography be the responsibility of just one member of your assignment group. With Cite This For Me’s sharing options all members of the team can now pitch in and help create it as well as start showing where they’ve found their research!

To start collaborating on a bibliography in Harvard referencing, APA format, MLA format and more, look out for the icon and dropdown menu below in Cite This For Me.