Higher Education and the Data Revolution

Paul Clark – CEO of the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) – has worked in Higher Education in a range of roles for 20+ years. He has led a number of sector-wide data initiatives, including work on open data, improving data skills and using data for increased efficiency and benchmarking.  Data is becoming ever more […]

#LibrariesTransform – The Relevance of the Library in the Modern University

Since joining Cite This For Me and talking to many librarians across the UK, Europe and the US, I have become increasingly interested in the role the academic library plays in the lives of its staff and student communities, and whether this role is changing in the context of the modern university. I was fortunate […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Students’ Attitudes Towards Plagiarism

Click on the image to open the full data visual. It’s clear that accurate referencing has a great impact on students’ success at university. Referencing is a fundamental exercise in academia and, with increasing abundance of readily-available information today, the importance of ‘giving credit where credit is due’ becomes all the more significant. At Cite […]

Cite This For Me Salutes the 2015 IgNobel Prize Winners

  Yesterday we saw the 25th edition of the Ig Nobel prize, a lighthearted warm-up act to the Nobel announcements which will happen in early October. Lauded by Nature as “arguably the highlight of the scientific calendar” the aim of the prize is to “honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them […]

Sign up and start earning as a RefME digital rep

Over the last two weeks we’ve had over 150,000 signups to RefME from students all over the world! We’re now reaching out to everyone who’s using RefME to spread the word and in doing so, save students everywhere from referencing hell. As a rep you’ll get your own personalised link to RefME.com that you can […]

Social Distractions

(Image by – smlions12) On average we spend over three hours on social networking sights a day, but is our submergence in a virtual world dumbing us down or could it actually be making us more socially adept? Social media has fast become an essential part of many people’s modern techno fuelled lives. The usual […]

Sleep, Eat, Revise, Repeat

Here at the Cite This For Me office we love sleep, but all too often it seems like you can never get enough. As we’ve been working hard to perfect APA format, MLA format, and Harvard referencing for you and spread the referencing revolution, our sleep has suffered. Sleep is a vital part of life, especially […]

Inspiring Ted talks for Students

At Cite This For Me we love watching TED talks. Its a way of inspiring us on our journey to making a great product. The TED talks we have chosen below have a bit of everything, from the inspiration to the truly unbelievable. Margaret Heffernan: Dare to disagree Joe Sabia: The Technology of Storytelling Amy Purdy: […]

Student Life Hacks

Cite This For Me is designed to make your university life easier by making citation automatically in APA, MLA, Harvard and thousands of other styles. But here we present some simple ways to make your everyday life easier! For more lifehack visit – LifeHacker.org

10 Apps you need when starting university

Firstly there is of course Cite This For Me Referencing is the most tedious part at university. All you need to do is just scan a Book, choose the style you want and export it to your essay. It will save you time and most importantly marks! Choose from MLA, APA, Harvard, and thousands of other […]