A Brief History of Libraries

  As the popularity of digital content over printed content continues, some may think that libraries are slowly becoming obsolete. However, that conclusion is wrong! Sure, a big function of libraries is to house resources and materials (and maybe help you figure out MLA citations). But, the greater purpose of libraries, stretching back across millennia, […]

Study Hack: Identifying Your Learning Style

It’s easy to assume that the person sitting next to you in class learns in essentially the same way as you do. However, that’s not always the case. There are actually several different learning styles, and identifying yours can be really helpful when it comes to your academic studies. Why Is It Important? Identifying your […]

Common Knowledge and Your Audience

When writing academic papers and essays, or preparing any other kind of college project, considering your reader should seem like a pretty logical thing to do. However, when you’re in the thick of things—sourcing research, forming your evaluation and editing (then editing again!), all with deadlines looming—this simple step is easily skipped over. Big mistake! […]

Feature Highlight: Get Extra Help with Our Citation Guides

  Have you ever been in the middle of writing a paper and realized that you have no idea how to start writing your citations? Do you know how to cite a website in MLA, or are figuring out how to do an in text citation? Are you unsure as to what citation styles are […]

How to Cite a Weather Report

Imagine this: 75 degrees, sunny, 0% chance of precipitation. Sounds like a dream, right? Know what else is a dream? Citing weather reports in your research project. It’s a breeze! (no pun intended!) We will show you how and it’s not as tough as you may think. Researchers cite weather reports quite often. These reports can […]

5 Easy Habits That Help You Become A Better Writer

What makes a good writer? Is it knowing how to do a works cited page accurately? (Probably helps) Maybe it’s having a deep imagination? Or maybe it’s just practice. Fiction icons like J.K. Rowling elevate writing to an art form by using language to draw the reader into a magical new world. However, for most […]

What Comma Splices Are and Why You Need to Avoid Them

There are many new words and phrases we learn in school. For example, tetrahydrate, APA format, diaspora, and so forth. The term “comma splice” is thrown around in English classes on a regular basis–no doubt you have heard this term a time or two in your school career. Yet unless you took the time to […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing in an Academic Tone

When writing an essay, it is important to argue your points in a clear and concise way, and of course to try to sound intelligent as a speaker. Finding the right tone in your written voice is an essential part of writing, yet many students find it difficult to strike the right balance. It is […]

How to Cite Multiple Sources in One Paragraph

When researching a paper, you’ll usually find several sources related to your topic and want to reference all of them in your paper. However, it can be tricky to develop an even distribution of your own original ideas and information from sources found through research. It is tempting to simply regurgitate information back to back. […]

What is Self Plagiarism?

  Ever heard of self-plagiarism? While it may sound silly, it’s actually a big deal. Incorrectly citing yourself can lead to serious consequences. It’s tempting to think that since you have written material on a topic before, that work can be repurposed without any citations. Unfortunately, this is poor writing ethics and should be prevented […]