Crash Course in Research Terms

A well-researched paper is one way to impress your teacher and hopefully earn a good grade So seeking out a variety of reliable sources is something worth investing your time in. However, when embarking on your research for a college paper or essay, you may come across some terms that are unfamiliar. We’ve put together […]

What Counts as Scholarly?

A scholarly source is an article or other piece of academic work that’s been written by an expert (or experts) in a particular field. They are aimed at a reader who already has an interest in the subject, with the intention of keeping this audience up-to-date with the most recent research or news on the […]

How to Cite a Translated Book

Good books come in all sizes, colors, lengths, and languages! Oftentimes, popular texts are translated into many languages, connecting authors with readers who don’t share the same native tongue. For example, the French children’s book “Le Petit Prince,” or “The Little Prince,” by Antoine Saint Exupéry has been translated into 300 languages! Translations are great […]

7 Essay Research Tips

Research paper is a term that often causes feelings of dread, anxiety, and sometimes confusion. One reason for this is that research papers aren’t taught or assigned as frequently as other types of academic writing, so it’s not unusual to be unsure about how to approach them. Next time your teacher or professor assigns a […]

5 Things You Never Knew About Citations

Though making citations may seem like a dry subject, these integral elements to research papers have been assisting writers in making cohesive arguments for hundreds of years. Not only do they prevent plagiarism, but they provide guidance to the reader about where the writer found evidence for their claim. So how did citations get started? […]

5 Citation Resolutions to Make This Year

As hard as it is to believe, another year of writing assignments and research papers has gone by. While the overall concepts and best practices about writing remain constant, each year brings new lessons to learn that can make your papers stronger than ever. As you prepare for another semester, read these citation resolutions that […]

7 Tips for Making the Most of Your College Classes

Ah college. More subjects, bigger libraries, better lunch options, and so many class resources! Use the tips below to take advantage of the perks of college classes, and you’ll be on your way to mastering your courses in no time!   If you’re trying to master citations, Cite This For Me can help! Easily create […]

4 High-profile Plagiarism Stories in 2018

Students who plagiarize papers and other assignments might face failing grades, formal reprimands, suspensions, and even expulsions, especially for repeat offenses. But schools aren’t the only institutions that levy some serious consequences for plagiarism. Accusations of plagiarism happen all the time and can put professionals in court—or out of a job—even if they plagiarized a […]

How to Cite a Mobile App

Mobile apps are a great way to digest content and gather sources for your paper. Once thought of as merely for gaming and social media, now there are apps that can give you scholarly information to use in your research. Apps are individual platforms for information that can be helpful in discovering relevant content for […]

How to Write a Cover Letter

  While much focus is placed on the resume, the cover letter is also an important part of a job application—especially if you’re looking to go into a writing-heavy field. Where a resume offers information about your work and academic experience, the cover letter tells an employer more about your personality: it gives you an […]