Determining Authority in a World of Fake News

“Fake news” is a term we have all become familiar with. It also means that it is more important than ever to be aware of a source’s authority. Today, we will review what to look for and questions you should ask when evaluating the authority of a website. What’s the Deal with Authority? Ideally, we […]

Creating a Summary

A summary is a much shorter version of a text, with only the most essential information. Using the main ideas from each section of a text to write your summary helps you include only the most important information! This is helpful when you want to use that information in a paper or presentation without sharing […]

Choosing the Best Presentation Format

You will come across many different types of sources in your life. In class, a lot of what you will study is written in books or texts. You may also listen to audio recordings or watch a visual presentation. In some instances, information is audiovisual, meaning the information uses both sight and sound. Written texts, […]

Citations: A Vocabulary List

Ever get confused by citation jargon? Know what MLA format stands for? Need help understanding the differences between a primary source and a secondary source? Our list of terms and definitions below can help! Abstract: A summary of a source’s content written by the author. It is usually brief, consisting of only a few hundred words. […]

Best Online Tools for New College Students

Nervous about your freshman year of college? Have no fear; you live in the 21st century! There is an abundance of online resources to get your first year of college off to a productive start. Your University Library’s Website Somewhere on your tuition bill, you will likely encounter a “Library Fee” of some kind. But […]

Cite This For Me Feature Spotlight: Chrome Extension

Did you know that you can automatically create citations at the click of a button? With the “Cite This For Me: Web Citer” chrome extension, citing your sources is easier than ever before. APA format, MLA format, Chicago, and Harvard referencing are included citation styles. To cite a website in your paper with the extension, […]

Writing a Three-Paragraph Essay

Sally Baggett holds a master’s in literature. She enjoys inspiring students, cooking with her family, and helping others achieve their dreams. Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat (or so they say), there is more than one way to write an essay. One is not required to produce a perfectly formatted five-paragraph […]

Using the Counterargument: What Do Other People Say?

Writing a solid five-paragraph essay can be an adventure, depending on the assignment. For an informational essay, you can use straightforward facts to convey a message. However, with any type of persuasive essay—one where you need your reader to see things from your point of view—there is some leeway to use creative efforts. One of […]

Fall Essay Contests: Write for Fun, Honor, & Money

As the new school year begins, students may be wondering how to boost their resumes or earn scholarship money. Essay contests are a great way to prove your writing chops—and you can write on a wide range of subjects, calling from personal experience. While finding the right contests for your particular interest and age range […]

How to Cite Social Media

In an increasingly digital world, social media platforms have become one of the most popular sources of news, content, and information. But how should such sources be treated within citations and academic research? Below is a guide on how to cite some of the most frequently used social media sites in MLA format, APA format, […]