How to Cite an Audiobook

You’re probably used to citing regular books, but what about an audiobook? All of a sudden, there are no page numbers to consider. And you have both an author and a narrator. And the audiobook could come in a variety of different formats. Who knew a simple change from paper to audio could generate so […]

Improve Your Study Memory in 8 Easy Steps

If you really want to make your studying stick, there’s a better way than boring repetition. Instead of reading the information over and over again, use these eight easy steps for improving your study memory. Try them on whatever you’re studying now! One of the easiest ways to memorize detailed facts is to translate them […]

8 Small Ways to Destress During Finals

As the end of the semester draws near, it’s natural to feel increasingly stressed out. After all, finals week brings with it multiple final projects, papers and exams—all crammed into a relatively short time frame. Not putting off your studying until the night before is arguably the best way to hold off the worst of […]

My Introduction is Done. Now What?: Support Your Thesis

Odds are, you’ve heard an instructor say that the introduction is the most important part of your essay. And it’s true! Your intro lets the reader know exactly what you’re going to say in your essay. A good introduction will introduce your topic and tell the reader what you are going to argue (your thesis) […]

Is it Who or Whom?

Most people know there is a difference between who and whom, but few remember what it is. In truth, you could go your entire life and only use whom a handful of times, but when those rare grammatical moments strike, if you want to be prepared, we are here to help. (Cite This for Me […]

3 Ways Citing Adds Extra Value to Your Research

You’ve probably been told countless times how important it is to have proper citations in order to avoid plagiarism. While this is good advice, it is not the only reason you should cite all the sources you directly or indirectly reference in your essays! Beyond avoiding plagiarism, citations serve a vital role in academic research […]

Fewer vs Less

Many people think that fewer and less are interchangeable, and may switch them around in speech without thinking. Don’t make this common grammar mistake in your essays and papers! Take a look at our simple explanation of the difference, and our easy trick to check that you’re using the right one. Also perplexed about the […]

A Brief History of Libraries

  As the popularity of digital content over printed content continues, some may think that libraries are slowly becoming obsolete. However, that conclusion is wrong! Sure, a big function of libraries is to house resources and materials (and maybe help you figure out MLA citations). But, the greater purpose of libraries, stretching back across millennia, […]

Study Hack: Identifying Your Learning Style

It’s easy to assume that the person sitting next to you in class learns in essentially the same way as you do. However, that’s not always the case. There are actually several different learning styles, and identifying yours can be really helpful when it comes to your academic studies. Why Is It Important? Identifying your […]

Common Knowledge and Your Audience

When writing academic papers and essays, or preparing any other kind of college project, considering your reader should seem like a pretty logical thing to do. However, when you’re in the thick of things—sourcing research, forming your evaluation and editing (then editing again!), all with deadlines looming—this simple step is easily skipped over. Big mistake! […]