APA format for books

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How to write an APA book citation

An APA book citation follows the Author-Date style. The style uses in-text citations enclosed in brackets, with the full details of the source located at the end of the piece of work, in a bibliography.

The bibliography entry should contain the author’s surname and initial(s), year of publication in brackets, book title, place of publication and the name of the publisher. Scroll down to view examples.

Book with one author

A book with a single author should be cited in the following format:

Last name, Initial(s). (Year). Title. Place of Publication: Publisher.


Cottrell, S. (2013). The study skills handbook. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Book with two or more authors

A book with two or more authors must include the names of all of the authors:

Last name, Initial(s)., Last name, Initial(s). (Year). Title. Place of Publication: Publisher.


Phillips, J., Ajrouch, K., & Hillcoat-Nalletamby, S. (2010). Key concepts in social gerontology. London: SAGE publications.

Chapter within a book

When citing a chapter within a book, the title and author of the chapter must be included within the citation:

Last name, Initial(s). (Year). Chapter title. In Last editor (Ed.), Book title (xth Ed.). Place of publication: Publisher.


Blyth, J. (1991). The basics. In P. Kotler & G. Armstrong (Eds.), Principles of marketing (5th ed.). United States: Prentice Hall.


Citing an e-book is similar to citing a regular book, with a couple of small changes:

Last name, Initial(s). (Year). Title (ed.). Retrieved from URL


Ogden, J. (2007). Health psychology: A textbook (4th ed.). Retrieved from http://www.dawsonera.com